The company Opavská lesní a.s. offers young forest trees, plants and seedlings. These are cultivated in our nurseries in Hradec nad Moravicí (planting material for low to mid altitude locations) and in Beskydy Mountains (for higher altitude, mountainous locations).

In total, we cultivate an area of about 20 hectares and our annual production is 2.5 million seedlings. We also produce and offer ornamental trees as part of our nursery activities.

We offer:

  • sale of bare-root and covered seedlings for all forest trees
  • seedlings grown on demand from either our own seed or from customer seed
  • expert advice on forest tree seedlings
  • transportation of seedlings to the customer
  • expert advice on forest nurseries, production and planting materials in forest settings

We own:

  • . modern environmental technologies
  • tree nurseries
  • a licence from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic "License for the management of seeds and seedlings of forest trees"
  • certification: "Authorized grower of Forests of the Czech Republic, state enterprise"

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