In addition to forestry activities, hunting is also an aspect of our business. Opavská lesní a.s. offers hunting opportunities in the Jelenice game reserve, the Albertovec pheasantry and rentable areas for free hunting for both domestic and foreign hunters. At our hunting events we take care of all hunting traditions. This includes announcing the hunting king and giving honour to the fallen beasts etc.

We offer:

  • Pheasant hunts
  • Red deer, mouflon, wild boar, fallow deer and Sika Dybowski deer hunting - either individually or with the help of a hunting escort
  • joint hunting for wild boar

We provide:

  • highly professional organization of all hunting events
  • organisation of the hunt ball and hunting court as well as announcing the king of the hunt
  • musical accompaniment (trumpeters) for joint events

Other services:

  • hunting escort
  • sale of game
  • providing hunting cards and insurance for hunting guests
  • preparation of hunting trophies

GroCredit, a.s.
GroCredit, a.s.
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