Forestry production

The company Opavská lesní a.s. performs forestry activities in its own vegetation and on the basis of concluded contractual relations in forests of other owners.

Forestry activities include silvicultural activities such as comprehensive care for forest plantations and vegetation, especially:

  • afforestation of hollows
  • cultivation of cultures
  • care for cultures against damage by wild animals
  • construction of fencing including the supply of materials
  • cutting
  • thinning

The company Opavská lesní a.s. also provides services in the field of logging, both individually and in joint operations:

  • timber harvesting
  • woodland access - by horse, tractor, forwarder
  • removal of timber

We provide a comprehensive service. Production of timber at the place of removal.

We buy timber from the implemented logging activities in agreement with the owner of the forest.

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