Jelenice Game Reserve - accommodation

An important part of any hunt is the accommodation of hunting guests. We offer the possibility of accommodation directly in the hunting area in our own accommodation as well as accommodation in nearby hotels. We always take into account the specific requirements of hunting guests.

In the area of hunting we offer several possibilities of accommodation:

  • Hunting lodge Albrechtický mlýn
  • Hunting lodge Hluboký
  • Hunting lodge Katka
  • Hunting lodge Guntar
  • Hunting lodge Svinská Bouda
  • Hunting lodge Srub
  • Inspection room in the administrative building of the Jelenice Game Reserve

Other accommodation options are in the adjacent towns of Hradec nad Moravicí and Opava.

Hotel Koruna –
Guesthouse Koruna –
Hotel Belaria –
Hotel Sonata –
Hotel Červený zámek –
Hotel Katharein –

We provide and operate our own return transport between the accommodation and hunting area to suit your needs and timings.

Hunting lodge Srub Hunting lodge Albrechtický mlýn Hunting lodge Svinská bouda Hunting lodge Hluboký

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Zelené království
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